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Combined flight paths of the Metroliner and SR22
A Metroliner and SR22 collide near Denver and everyone walks away safely 

The Metroliner and SR22 were both attempting to land at Denver’s Centennial Airport when the SR22 sliced through the top half of the Metroliner. The Metroliner continued for a safe landing after reporting a single engine failure (the pilot didn’t even realize there’d been a collision) and the pilot of the SR22 deployed the Cirrus Airframe Parachute System, which is a rocket-powered, whole-airplane parachute. 
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An Air Canada 737 MAX, one of the aircraft affected by the electrical grounding issue
The fix is in—grounded MAX will be back in the air in a few days 

The Boeing service bulletin to fix the more than 100 grounded 737 MAX aircraft is now in the hands of airlines. The airplanes were taken out of service due to a potential electrical grounding issue that was essentially caused by a production change that resulted in painting over bare metal.
Here's the list of affected aircraft and where they're parked at the moment.
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An IL-62
Russian relics: inside the Ilyushin IL-62 

While these days you’ll need to somehow make your way to North Korea for even a chance to fly a passenger version, the IL-62 is still going strong as a cargo carrier. We look at the history of four-engined workhorse.
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VIP configured "shagadelic" cabin on an IL-62 in Geneva, 2005
This photo didn’t really have a place in the main IL-62 post, but it’s definitely... something. This is the VIP configured cabin on an IL-62 back in 2005. 
Air Canada’s Trans-Canada Air Lines retro jet livery A220
What makes a special livery special?

We gawk at Air Canada’s newly painted Trans-Canada Air Lines retro jet livery A220 and ponder what makes retro jets so compelling.
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Brussels Airlines has repainted its Magritte-themed special livery A320 into Star Alliance livery.
OO-SNC in Magritte livery
⬆️ What it used to look like
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What it looks like now ⬇️
OO-SNC in new Star Alliance livery
A Korean Air A380 landing in Los Angeles.
A Korean Air A380 landing in Los Angeles.
An Air France A350
A new A350 for Air France departing Toulouse.
An American Airlines MD-82 departing Los Angeles while a 737 taxies below. Both in bare metal livery.
Back in the bare metal days—American Airlines activity in Los Angeles, 2014.
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UNDER THE RADAR - Bite size aviation news
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What is the future of aircraft accident investigation? 

In part 2 of our conversation with NTSB investigator Sean Payne we discuss some of the new technology investigators are using and what they’d like to see in the future.
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