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Shalom Emma
Despite massive setbacks, be they natural or manmade– we find new ways to survive and thrive. Humanity is adaptable, and people are resilient. COVID has changed our lives over the last few years but thankfully the world is once again opening up and we are finally able to once again, have guests and family in our homes and to our smachot.
2022 will be a better year for all, full of lots of exciting events including:  our previously postponed Trivia night, Code red connections guest speakers, movie nights, our Annual Appeal to be held at the end June and we are also planning a selection of Israel day tours to be held late April/early May which will take participants to Australian funded MDA stations, the new MDA Marcus Blood Bank, the incredible MDA Dispatch Centre and a selection of other locations of interest.  To assist us in planning, please contact us with your expression of interest.
To be an Israeli is to be prepared for anything: a rocket launched from Lebanon or Gaza, a mob of rioters hurling stones and wielding knives, even an interminable pandemic.  This year, Magen David Adom has been on the front lines of all these events, as well as the daily emergencies that arise in a thriving society. Because of supporters like you, MDA has been able to respond rapidly and efficiently.
MDA Australia will be closed from 23 December and will reopen Monday 17 January 2022 so this will be our last e-newsletter until February next year.  To keep up to date with what’s happening at MDA please go to our website at or view our Facebook page – Magen David Adom Australia.
To plan for a better future and hope for a better tomorrow, please consider donating to MDA and GIVE THE GIFT OF LIFE.  
Wishing you a healthy and safe 5782 and 2022.
Glynis Lipson
Magen David Adom Australia
A week after completing a course in MDA,
Zohar Azoulay, assistant at a kindergarten in Kiryat Malachi saved the life of a 4-year-old girl who was choking.
As Romi (4) began choking during her lunch, Zohar a Kindergarten aide who was onsite, realized the severity and took action to remove the foreign body and restore her regular breathing,  and ordered an ambulance from MDA.
Of the incident, Zohar said:  'The children were quiet and everything was as normal, until suddenly I saw Romi choking and coughing after eating schnitzel. I ran up to her and she signaled she was having trouble breathing. We immediately called MDA and started to perform the Heimlich manoeuvre, as I had learned the week prior. I continued  until the food came out. I am very happy that I was able to save a life and I understand the importance of the knowledge I gained during the MDA course. It's a stressful situation, but I knew there was no choice and that I had to act coolly and professionally. Thanks to the training I received with MDA, I managed to prevent a disaster and tragedy - I call on all Citizens of Israel to stand up and sign up for Magen David Adom courses".
Yosef Smadja, senior medic at MDA:  "There is no doubt that Zohar is the heroine of the day. She saved Romi's life professionally and quickly. When we arrived, Zohar told us about the actions she had taken and there was no longer a need for our knowledge. I call on all citizens to study a first aid course in MDA  - it just saves lives."
Mayor of Kiryat Malachi, Eliyahu Zohar:  "Dear Zohar Azoulay has shown great resourcefulness, thanks in large part to a recent first aid course at MDA.  We say, 'All who save one life from Israel as if he had saved a wholeworld'. I gave her a bouquet of flowers in recognition of saving Romi’s life and we will soon be arranging another first aid course for the assistants."
Eli Bin,  Director General of MDA:  "The emergency in the Kindergarten would have easily ended in tragedy, but thanks to Zohar finishing the MDA course, Romi’s life was saved.
Knowledge is power, which turns disaster into a miracle."
Keeping you up to date with the MDA HUMAN MILK BANK, Jerusalem.
Just click on the photo attached to watch the new and fabulous MDA Milk Bank information video.
Chanukah Campaign “Light Up Lives For 8 Days”
As we approach Chanukah, the Festival of Lights, we are excited to promote our “Light Up Lives for 8 Days” campaign
MDA Australia has delivered over 1,000 Chanukah packs to preschool children so they can feel the spirit of Chanukah. The children welcomed the packs and are now busy playing dreidel games.  This was a wonderful way to engage with the children whist still not being able to go in and speak to them face to face. 
We have also planned a Chanukah Coin Exchange on  December 5th at our office in North Caulfield (see details and address below), where we welcome all children and adults to pop in with their Tzedakah Boxes and turn their coins into chocolate coins whilst enjoying a yummy donut.
We can’t wait to see your smiling faces.
Watch MDA Israel's Chanukah welcome - click here or on the photo below
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